Man, politics this year. I can’t help but say how bummed out I am. Roy Moore is a pedophile and it’s sad that Trump and all these Republicans are endorsing him. However, after reading the Hilary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein news today…so disappointing. I was a never a fan of hers. I was pretty disappointed when she won the Democratic ticket but voted for her anyway, of course.

But God, shedding light on her relationship with this rapist, sooooo disappointing. I hate being bi-partisan…but the difference between the far right and people like me…is that we WANT Democratic leaders accused of sexual assault to step down. We WANT them to suffer the consequences of their disgusting actions.

So many people I know…who of course happen to be Republican, continue to support Trump and Moore despite all of these CLEAR allegations. These people can murder someone and their base will protect them regardless. Trump can reinstate slavery and Republicans and religious zealots will be okay with it…because “it’s in the Bible.” They’re such a cult.

Seriously, don’t lose your moral compass over these stupid politicians. Stop supporting pedophiles and rapists! You’re frickin complicit if you do.  If you still support these two creeps…you have ZERO morals. You’re not “Christian, ” you’re hypocritical…in the worst way possible. All you are is complicit in telling society and our kids that it’s okay to RAPE and ASSAULT. This is not a political issue. It’s a human issue!


P.S. You’re delusional if you think Trump cares about your religion or the Israeli people. He’s trying to put America at war…because he obviously has personal interest that will make him millions of dollars if we do. He’s a narcissistic monster and if you don’t see it, you’re a sheep!


End rant.

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