I have to say, it is extremely inspiring seeing the students from the Florida school shooting band together and advocate for gun control and new legislation. I’m so amazed by how eloquently they speak and carry themselves on television.

To be honest, I know sooo many people my age who can’t even comprehend let alone grasp basic political discourse. This includes people in my family which I find so sad. Not to hate…but the term “fake woke” applies to soooo many people that I know. Don’t just agree or wear a tshirt that has ‘social justice’ slogans or retweet an idea…do something that can actually make a difference.

Vote…not just every four years during a Presidential election, but every year when important issues are on the ballot. Vote for people who think the same way you do! Sign a petition, volunteer in your community, attend a rally and mobilize, and if you have the means to do so, donate to a cause you support. Working for several nonprofits…a little goes such a long way.

But watching these teenagers, I have so much hope for the future. I love how I can talk to my sisters kids about this and they actually have valid and educated opinions. Also, Emma Gonzalez, you’re my hero! Future President! Ferreal though, this next generation is gonna change the world. And for the heartless people attacking these kids and calling them “crisis actors”…


With all of the debates I’ve been getting into this week, I think I should clarify. We don’t want to take away your second amendment rights. We want a ban on assault rifles! I honestly don’t understand why someone would need semi automatic guns and military like weapons.

As Mindy Kaling tweeted, are you afraid that hundreds of deer are going to attack you when you go hunting? Seriously, why do you need something that sprays that many bullets in a minute? Someone enlighten me…

Update 2:

That Trump White House talk this morning was sooo wack! They spoke about militarizing schools, arming teachers and frickin random staff like janitors. What kind of world is this? I respect and sympathize with the students that were there, but that is not the way.

But…that town hall meeting hours later was incredible! These kids and parents roasted the shit out of Marco Rubio, Dana Loesch, and the NRA! I cannot even imagine standing up to a Senator like that at age 17. Cameron Kasky, you’re an inspiration. I am so proud of them. This issue is not going away like it did after Sandy Hook, the Aurora shooting, and the Vegas massacre. It’s a movement. They may be kids, but millions of us have their back.