So this is pretty cool. I’m officially involved with the Sacramento music scene. I’m gonna be scouting bands and artists for Sofar Sac. Music is obviously my passion, so it’s a pretty cool side gig to have. And everyone there is so chill. Just a community of people who live for the music. Basically my people.

So, if you’re an artist or in a band, send your demos/work over. I can make it happen! 🙂

Also, if you haven’t listened to the last podcast episode of The Sound and the Story, do so. I’m so sad to see it go. It’s really inspired me to keep writing and to get involved with music. Maybe I should start my own podcast and begin with Elliott Smith, The National, Radiohead and The Smiths haha.

Not to sound so stereotypical, but there’s just something so deep and sacred when it comes to mental health and music. When those two are combined, so much creativity, meaning, and beauty come out. It’s not just a way for us to cope and not feel so alone…but it’s also something that inspires us to write, to create, and to see life differently (which is so important when you see it through a dark lens most of the time). I’m not saying that all people who create suffer from mental illness…but for those who do, art becomes survival.

For a lot of us who deal with these issues…it is hard to convey these feelings in person or out loud. A lot of the time, we don’t even know where this sadness and chaos come from. It just is. So what do we do? We write about it. We find a melody to describe these feelings through sound. We draw, we paint, we string words together that we call poetry. We take photos of places and things that move us, that inspire us. And when that happens…people who feel the same way, who find it difficult to explain these feelings…relate. People find connection through it…inspiration…hope.

Trust me. I wouldn’t be able to say half the things I write about out loud. I clam up anytime anyone even mentions this blog or my writing. So, cheers to the ones who channel art through complex feelings that society calls depression, anxiety,  bipolar disorder, PTSD, borderline personality…or any other label that evokes shame or negative sentiment.

Anyway, it has been such a pleasure, David! Thanks for sharing your music, your words, and your journey through mental health. So many of my friends started listening to your show and we’re all so bummed to see it go. So bittersweet. Best of luck on your new novel! And…I hope you keep “dancing in the basement”…